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Online Marketing Tips
A focal point for many businesses today for both start-ups and major ones is online marketing. While offline marketing and advertising should never be put to rest (because you still have customers who may not have an internet connection to view your business digitally), online marketing should be one of your urgent priorities.
The world of online marketing changes. How Google often changes its search algorithms is a testament that you ..

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Social Media Statistics
Like all other nations in the world, Australia is not one to be left behind in the world of social networking. Australia may be smaller in comparison to the United States, but the use of social media is just as active in what is called as “The Land of Plenty”.
Do you know the top 10 social networks in Australia last March 2014?

Facebook – 13,200,000 users
YouTube – 12,600,000 unique Australian visits ..

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Social Media’s Surprising Numbers

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Along with prominent search engines, there are also changes in Social Media. You need to monitor these changes to see if you need to adjust your strategies. Check out these surprising numbers and reports and see if you are still on the right track.
Global WebForce Social Media Infographics
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page rank meaning
If you are no where near achieving your goals for your website, it can be caused by a variety of reasons. With all the major changes in search algorithms and the fact that there are better websites than yours (admit it!), it is still barely predictable what you could possibly be doing wrong with your website.
This is the topic of the latest Google webmaster help video by Matt Cutts.
Is it ..

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